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How Formstack for Salesforce Helps Salesforce Admins

Guest Author
November 29, 2022
Min Read

As a Salesforce Administrator, if you’re anything like me, it can be hard enough maintaining proper security parameters, keeping the entirety of your org’s data clean, and responding to troubleshooting requests. You must do all this while keeping up with requests, like creating that new dashboard for the BizDev team. All of this must happen in between stakeholder meetings making sure your org is running as effectively as possible. Oh, and don’t forget the most common request of resetting user passwords. I’m sweating just typing all of that out!

This doesn’t even scratch the surface of what a typical day in the life of a Salesforce Administrator can look like. I didn’t even hit on the administrative side of actually logging all of these tasks. You know the bottlenecks and pain this immense workload creates. There’s got to be a better way, right?

Wouldn’t it be great if those general admin tasks were automated? What if your users were ecstatic about the ease of use of Salesforce? Isn’t this the dream of every Salesforce Admin?

Think about all that you could accomplish if you could get to this dream state. Luckily for you, we have a Salesforce admin tool that can help you get there. With Formstack for Salesforce, you could save an average of 20 hours each week, giving you more time to focus on impactful work. Here’s how our Salesforce no-code platform delivers on this time-saving promise. 

What Is Formstack for Salesforce? 

With Formstack for Salesforce, you can break down data silos, save time, and improve the customer experience with dynamically prefilled forms, automated document generation, and streamlined digital signature collection—all without ever leaving your Salesforce org.

Our tool is built directly off of the Salesforce data model, making it easy to transform your Salesforce org into a single source of truth. Easily collect and manage information without needing to step outside of Force.com. Formstack for Salesforce is the go-to tool for creating efficient end-to-end workflows that scale with your business.

Formstack for Salesforce professional CTA

Improve Data Quality 

Data quality is the number one problem that Salesforce Admins face today. Formstack for Salesforce is here to help. This native application for Salesforce can keep your data progressively up to date. Connect forms to any standard or custom object, dynamically prefill fields with existing data, and easily verify and update records.This could potentially cut back on the number of duplicate records as well since your records are instantaneously and automatically updated. This also helps mitigate storage space in your org so you don’t run into those dreaded API limits. 

Did I mention that this is a native application? By downloading Formstack for Salesforce from the Salesforce AppExchange, it is super easy to get it up and running in no time. This means never having to leave Salesforce to handle your forms and document management. There’s also no tedious field mapping like most integrated tools require. This saves your IT department the pain of working out that syntax. A true win-win.

Pro Tip: Since Formstack for Salesforce is a native app, it supports building out your ideas in a sandbox environment. You can run real-time tests before pushing the finished, tested product into production.

Get Up and Running Quickly 

Speaking of bypassing the IT department, Formstack for Salesforce is also a no-code tool! This means it’s a user friendly platform Salesforce Admins can pick up quickly. With our Salesforce no-code platform, you won’t have to constantly pester your company’s Salesforce Devs and Architects for help implementing a solution.

If you can learn how to navigate Salesforce’s security parameters for your org, you can absolutely learn how to utilize Formstack for Salesforce’s no-code platform.

Forms for Salesforce Use Cases in Action

Streamline Salesforce Admin Requests 

Ever wish you could actually enact that fantasy of telling your coworkers to take a number? Use Formstack Forms to create your own Salesforce Admin ticketing system for handling random user requests. This way, not only do you get the gratifying feeling of checking items off a checklist, you also get the built- in benefit of keeping a record of change requests. This works great for troubleshooting requests as well. 

You can even create follow- up tasks through Flows and Process Builder so you’ll never forget to send that thank you email or log those meeting notes. With Formstack for Salesforce, these can all be instantaneously and automatically updated in Salesforce within moments with the proper toolsets. 

Eliminate Duplicates with Field Prefill 

You can also access the Field Prefill feature to utilize data that already exists in Salesforce to eliminate redundancy. Field Prefill makes the user experience that much more amazing by eliminating the need to fill out the same information time after time. This provides your customers a better experience and helps minimize data duplicates and errors.

Save time for end users by enabling prefilled forms that reduce repetitive tasks, significantly accelerate processes, and progressively build on your Salesforce data model.

Forms for Salesforce form prefill

Build Robust Salesforce Workflows 

Gathering data is just one part of what Formstack for Salesforce can do. Does that data need to go into personalized documents, like contracts or invoices? With Formstack for Salesforce, those can be immediately delivered to your Salesforce contacts. Need a signature on that contract? Enter Formstack’s Sign tool. Gather signatures on the go safely, from a user’s phone, tablet, or computer. You can rest easy knowing there is an audit trail that logs all document activity.

And with Formstack’s Documents for Salesforce, you can instantly create documents within Salesforce with the click of a button or even trigger document creation upon record updates with Process Builder or Flows. 

Make the Most of Your Salesforce Investment 

Adding Formstack for Salesforce into your tech stack ensures you’re getting the most out of your Salesforce investment. Formstack is built to be future-proof with mobile functionality and Salesforce Communities in mind. And let’s face it… Salesforce isn’t cheap. However, by being a future focused organization, Formstack is committed to helping you maximize your ROI for Salesforce through our ISV partnership. 

For all of these reasons and more, Formstack makes it so easy to maintain Salesforce as the source of truth for your company. Because, say it with me now, “If it isn’t in Salesforce, it doesn’t exist!”

Take control of your Salesforce data and deliver exceptional customer experiences with Formstack for Salesforce. Book a demo to see how!

About the Author 

Charles Baines is a Certified Salesforce Administrator currently working as an SDR at Formstack. He can usually be found outdoors, playing music, traveling, or binging some form of SciFi. He is a graduate of Anderson University’s A/V/Cinema program with an emphasis in screenwriting. He currently resides in Indianapolis, IN with his wife and pup.


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