Customer Cancellation Survey

Give customers a painless way to cancel their service and share valuable feedback.

Simplify your workflows

Having a customer cancel their service or subscription is never ideal, but there are many valuable insights you can gather during the cancellation process. Use this customizable cancellation survey to simplify the process and collect information that you can use to improve your business and increase retention.

Add your branding

Use the Theme Editor to make this cancellation survey instantly recognizable to customers. There’s no need to know any CSS or coding. Add your logo and colors, edit fonts, shift fields around, and more. You can even use Conditional Logic to customize the form based on how customers answer each question.

Capture data on mobile

Embed this survey on your website or link to it in their service account to give customers an easy and accessible way to start the cancellation process. Since all Formstack forms are 100% mobile-friendly, customers can complete your form anywhere on their laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.

Simplify communication

Use custom, automated confirmation emails to let customers know that you’ve received their request and provide any needed next steps. Notification emails can also be conditionally routed to managers and other employees so negative feedback can be acknowledged and addressed as soon as possible.

Improve your business

Get access to valuable customer information as soon as it’s submitted. Formstack provides an in-depth analytics dashboard that makes it easy to identify key trends and monitor cancellation requests over time. Use these insights to generate professional reports and graphs that can be shared with management.

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